Tuesday, 29 May 2007


No updates recently as I’ve been changing PC’s, with all the associated trouble that goes with moving between window versions.

Since the last post I’ve been keeping busy. I’ve been on my first Pan Clan outing – a short tour round the battlefields of East Lothian. All those exciting places where we fought off the old enemy. Occasionally we won.

I’ve even commuted through Edinburgh, and despite the size, it’s not too bad at fitting through the gaps in the traffic. It’s not as nippy as my old CB500, and it gives of a tremendous heat, but I got to and from work a lot faster than taking the car.

And I’ve even had my first damage. During the high wind the other week, the cover acted as a sail and toppled the Pan over, scratching the left pannier when it landed. To say I was spitting bullets was an understatement. The cover was only on to prevent damage from the elements. And to make matters worse, I had to spend ten minutes getting the cover off before I could attempt to pick the Pan up. The only plus was that I was needing fuel, so the upper tank (lower one too) was empty, so I wasn’t having to lift 30ish kg of fuel at the same time. Bend the knees, brace yourself and make sure when it is eventually up, you don’t go and push it over on the other side.

More rambling nonsense follows shortly.

Pan miles so far 001577

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