Thursday, 7 February 2008

Oxford Heated Grips

Disclaimer - following these instructions may damage you or your bike. If in doubt, speak to a genuine mechanic.

The Honda grips at the front are great, especially over the past month, but Mr Honda hasn't sold a method of keeping the pillions hands warm. So I purchased a set of Oxford Hot Hands, which are supposed to velcro around the bike grips. The packet contains a pair of grips, attached to a switch assembly, and a lead that is supposed to be connected to the power supply somewhere on the bike. I have used Oxford grips on previous bikes, so I'm confident that they will be up to the job.

The kit can be connected to the battery, although there is a risk that you will forget to switch them off and run the battery flat. There is enough cable supplied with the kit to run the power wire all the way forward to attach to the Quartet accessory harness, where the front heated grips plug in. As pictured below, I obtained a couple of the Hitachi style plugs so I could attach to the quartet harness without cutting. One green plug goes into the socket that the OEM grips attach, the other green component is the new socket for the OEM grips. The bundle of black wire was then fed back to the rear left of the bike. The white plug attaches to the switch assembly for the Oxford Grips.

I had decided to fit the switch in the rear fairing, so the first step was to prise apart the switch for the Oxford grips. Inside there’s a waterproofed switch, a green LED, and a little resistor. Be careful not to break the resistor or the LED. The LED slides out of the holder if you are careful.

Before cutting a hole in your Pan for the switch, you need to find a location that is not only accessible for your pillion, but also does not foul the rear sub-frame A bit of trial and error is required, although on my version, the switch sits just below the left grab rail. You must make sure you have enough stretch in your power supply cable to reach the location of the switch. Once you have marked the location for the switch and the LED, your life will be easier if you remove the rear fairing to drill and position the switch assembly.

Once the switch is installed, carefully replace the fairing, wrap the grip heaters around the rear grab rail and pass the grip heater wires under the seat to attach to the switch assembly. You may wish to cut a small notch in the fairing, just under the seat to pass the heater wires through. Once I was happy with the installation I used the supplied cable ties to attach the loose wire to the bike frame.

A wee bit less than an afternoon’s work, resulting in one happy pillion.

Oxford heated grips -
Plugs for quartet harness -

Pan miles so far - 005688

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