Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Steam train Tornado

This comes under the category of "it's my blog and I'll blog what I want to."

This is one for the engineers out there. It's been years since anyone built a steam locomotive, and while there are preservation societies doing repairs, nobody has actually built one, until now.

The photo is of the A1 class Tornado passing through York station on 7/2/2009 which is the first new steam locomotive to run on British Rail lines since the 1960's. This was her first outing south and into London and I was fortunate enough to be in York at the weekend. Very cool. You can't beat the smell, the sound and the sheer presence of a steam locomotive. The whole project to get an A1 back on the lines has been outstanding, and it's good to know that with motivation, willpower and some steel, anything is possible. More info to be found on the link below


Now I'd hardly call myself a trainspotter, more someone who can appreciate real engineering, however on the platform there were one or two members of the Militant Wing of the Trainspotters Liberation Front. Once Tornado had arrived at the station, they charged off over the bridge and down the platform, barging men, women and small children out of the way so they could get a closer look. (99.9% of people there were really nice by the way) Woe betide anyone that got in their way. Even greater wrath was reserved for the Transport Police who were managing the crowds and making sure that these idiots were not going to fall off the platform in front of the 0855 to Newcastle. Mrs Gerbil did comment that none of these sad individuals were wearing weding rings. Surprised?

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