Sunday, 19 August 2007


On the side of this blog there is a meter that lets me know how many people have looked in on the blog. (and for those reading this, hi, thanks for dropping in.) It's similar to the counter on Ebay pages, but gives you details of the Google search keywords that were used to find me. For most visitors I'm usually found by a search on Pan Clan, or a variation of Honda ST1300 Pan European. For one unfortunate soul, they needed advice from Google on "how to pick up a dropped pan european bike." Hope it didn't cause too much damage to yourself or the bike.

For those who have never tried to recover from a horizontal parking situation I'd advise the following:

1. Use a few bad words.
2. Make sure you're not hurt.
3. remove unwanted baggage (tank bag, top box, pillion) but leave both panniers on. You won't be able to remove the pannier on the lower side, and you want it balanced when you pick it up.
4. Undo the steering lock, and remove any security devices (if applicable)
5. Assuming it has fallen on the left side, turn your back to the bike, bend with the knees and grab the handle bar with your right hand, and the rear grab rail with your left.
6. In one smoth movement, stand up, lifting the bike to its normal position. Allow the steering to turn towards you as it comes up. Don't let go of your right hand until you have got the bike on an even keel. Oh and make sure you don't go pushing it on to the other side.
7. Ensure your side/centre stand is still intact before you use them.

At this point you can work out how much the damage wil cost you...

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