Monday, 6 August 2007

Put them away.

I think I'm showing my age, but at least I'm not dated, unlike a certain portion of the motorcycle marketplace. Why is it that a number of bike accessory shops still insist on draping scantily clad ladies all over their webpage? There I am, surfing the web in work, trying to find new tyres, etc, when up pops the dealership from the seventies, and their "mechanics wives" section. So I've got to explain to the boss why some bare ar$£d bird has appeared on my screen. "Honest, I was only looking for tyres..." Yeah right!

This weekend, my other half bought her first bike, from a dealership that still has the token brolly-dolly on their webpage. Now we've both seen it all before, but it's a shame that the dealership still thinks that sex sells bikes. For once it wasn't me buying the bikes, so the dealer in this instance was targeting the wrong sector of the market.

I'm no prude, and ladies, I don't mind how much or little you're wearing. Sometimes, the less the better, but if I'm at a bike show, I'm only interested in talking to you if you have half a clue about the products you're hired to sell. If not, please put some clothes on and go get the me the hairy ar$£d bloke that can tell the difference betreen a crank shaft and a drive shaft.

Motorcycling - stuck in the seventies and proud of it!

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