Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Design considerations

While I'm waiting for the plans to arrive, which are somewhere between the US and UK at the moment, I'm pondering the technical part of the design.

To give myself a benchmark to work from, I'm using my Revolution Pathfinder from Edinburgh Bicycle for reference.  The gearing on that is good for hill climbs, while also allowing me up to 30mph while pedaling like a maniac, downhill with a following wind. 

I am keeping an eye out for a used mountain bike that can be harvested for parts.

The front forks will be purchased rather than made.  I'm not in a position to do that much machining of parts, and besides, why reinvent the wheel...  or fork...

As for the back end, I'm considering a carbon swingarm, rather than the aluminium on the design.

The bike needs mudguards.  This is Scotland.  Dry paths are the exception.

I'd also like somewhere to keep my lunch, so some form of luggage rack to take two standard panniers would be nice.

And I'd also like to make it fit onto a standard Thule bike carrier.  This may mean having the luggage rack detachable for transit, and having the suspension pivot so the rear wheel folds underneath.

And lights are a must.  

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