Saturday, 9 March 2013

The blog re-awakens

I'm bringing this blog back to life.  The original motorbike posts will remain, however I'm now going to use this to record my thoughts on cycling, and in particular, my attempt to construct my own recumbent bicycle.

If all you have ever seen in the traditional diamond framed bicycle, then what I'm attempting is going to look a little odd.  Rather than your feet below you, the pedals are in front.

Recumbent trike. Source: Wikipedia.
For the moment however, I am waiting for the plans to arrive.  While I wait I'm having a think about the equipment that is going to be attached to the bike, including gears, brakes and suspension.  I'm relatively sure what colour it's going to be though...

Mrs  Gerbil and I took a couple of recumbent trikes, similar to the one pictured (minus windscreen) for a run the other week.  It's amazing fun cycling along with your backside inches from the ground.  I'm planning something two wheeled.

Have a look here for the bike I am attempting to replicate.

Or go have a look at Wikipedia to find out exactly why you are riding a diamond shaped bike.

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