Saturday, 30 March 2013

Early Stages

This week I went to my local printers so I could get paper copies of the plans drawn up.  The plans CD contains 14 plans of 34x22in, plus one full size plan of the main frame assembly.  This is the point that the bike went from being something that exists only on the computer to something that I'm actually attempting to build.  I had one copy of each of the plans printed, plus three copies of the main frame plan.  Some of the plans I may not use, as this version is unlikely to have electrical assistance.  Still, it's good to have options, and I'm thinking of using the battery rack as the basis for a luggage rack.  And the mid frame battery box, which is a clever design in its own right, may become a toolbox.

The instructions advise you to create a pair of templates for the foam core from the larger plan, using a sheet of 3mm hardboard.  My local B&Q has an offcuts bin beside their wood cutting section, and they had a lump of MDF that appeared to have been partially printed as a bit of laminate flooring.  This cost a princely £1.50 so I wasn't complaining.

With the assistance of Mrs G, two of the plans were cut up and stuck to the MDF.  Now I need to cut them out.  There's no rush, as I've not got foam to cut out yet, or any of the multitude of parts I require.

So it's a start, if only a small one.  This isn't going to be a rush job.

Looks like it's going to fit

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