Sunday, 22 April 2007

For the newbies

I’ve had a couple of occasions since buying the Pan when people have came over and asked for an opinion on this bike. Now any excuse to talk bike is OK by me. We went to Glasgow this weekend, with the convenience of bike parking for free right in the middle of the city (north side of the City Chambers) and were chatting with a couple who were contemplating a new bike. If you are that couple, in answer to your question, now I’ve tried driving it in town, it isn’t too bad, though the heat from the engine can build up and leave you with roasting knees if the traffic snarls up. (Even on a bike there’s no escaping the Forth Bridge roadworks.) The low centre of gravity is a bonus which makes urban driving all the easier, though a further progress report will follow when I’ve driven it to work during the Edinburgh rush hour.

I’m curious to know if people will still be interested in talking when it is covered in dead flies, road grime and the fairing is held together with gaffer tape from falling off the stand. Right now it is still shiny

Two things a new Pan owner should know.

1. You release the driving seat by unlocking the left hand luggage catch and pressing the lever that’s inside the grab rail. Honda includes this instruction in the users manual, and then locks this handy booklet under the seat…
2. Don’t leave chocolate bars in the fairing pockets, unless you like drinking chocolate.

Had a small bit of maintenance today. The Pan was mostly Datatagged, on the weekend I brought it home, however the blue marking compound had burst and solidified in the tube. Datatag sent a replacement stencil set and marking compounds, so now the bike is that little bit more secure. I’m not sure if the bike was Smartwatered at purchase, as there’s no label on the bike, and I couldn’t find out from Smartwater themselves.

Forthcoming events on the maintenance front includes the fitting of heated grips for the rear grab rails, and a 12v socket. Photos of the process will be included. No photos of the Datatagging are included here as I don’t want everyone knowing where I stashed the chips and microdots.

Pan miles so far 000682

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