Friday, 6 April 2007

Got it.

The vacant slot in the driveway is now filled. The problem with the screen was down to faulty connections in the region of the screen motor. So the bike was collected this evening, and is running very nice in deed. It's been a few months since I drove anything as big as a Pan, but it all comes flooding back. I opted to take the twisty route home, and then spent the rest of the evening finding out how the luggage goes on. as far as accessories goes, I've added the Honda top box, more to act as a back rest for the pillion, although the Honda radio is priced a bit on the steep side. I'll hum instead.

When I was a very young kid I got my first pair of red wellies. I liked my red wellies so much that I wore them in to bed (or so the family legend goes). I'm not sure if the Pan is as nice as my red wellies, but either way, there's not a hope of getting it up the stairs... ;-)

Miles so far 000031

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