Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Test drive

Ok, so it's not the first drive as owner of the bike, but it was my first time in the saddle.

Last Saturday saw me take the bike out for a short run to make sure the engine didn't have any odd clunking sounds. First impressions were very good. A short drive in town showed the bike to be very stable, managing the tight roundabouts in Perth with ease. The mass of the bike is very low down, so it's not an effort to throw around and feels a lot more sporty than a first glance suggests. The sun was behind me on the way up the A9, so the LCD part of the display wasn't the clearest, but I could make it out. Fuel consumption wasn't too bad either, giving 65-70mpg according to the display. I pulled over in a car park to give the bike a serious examination. There don't appear to be any major issues, though the electric windscreen wouldn't work once on the road - the dealership is looking into it. Storage is good for two full face helmets in the panniers, plus associated other rubbish in the fairing pockets. The Honda heated grips worked pretty well too, although they were not on for long due to the unseasonally warm day. Somehow I don't see me buying the official Honda radio and speakers - I think I'll just hum instead.

So I was convinced enough to buy the bike and have been like a kid waiting for Santa all week!

Photos of the bike will appear when it lands in the driveway.

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