Friday, 13 April 2007

Forth Gear

I’ve had a lot of problems getting kit to fit. Huge head, large feet and a beer belly means that I need the upper end of the scale when it comes to buying clothing. And I have tried on nearly every helmet on the market before finally squeezing my head into an XXL Shoei Raid lid. Part of the reason that I had a problem finding a helmet is that where a manufacturer actually made a helmet in something approaching my size, the retailers refused to order them in for fear that they might be stuck with a large helmet on their shelves. One major dealership who will remain nameless, (I don’t like their cars either…) told me that they would order me the biggest lid they make, but I was expected to pay for it whether it fitted or not!!!

So I’m glad that a place like exists. It’s a compact but very well stocked shop in South Queensferry and they keep a very broad range of sizes of kit, from kids up to someone considerably larger than myself. And here’s a tip for the shops that refuse to stock big kit – they can’t keep the largest of the helmets on their shelves. I only dropped in for a pair of gloves and a cover for the Pan, but they very nearly sold me a new helmet. If it hadn’t been for the purchase of the bike this month, I would have been tempted. To use the rating system from the Haynes manuals, they give a five spanner level of service – where one spanner is amateur and anyone can do it, and five spanners is for experts and the highly skilled only. Forth Gear rocks!

Not many extra Pan miles this week, but the Loch Lomond trip from last week looks like going ahead on Saturday. Weather, and battery permitting.

Pan miles so far 000264

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